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Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania has more than 15 national parks and forest reserves, and it has been one among the luckiest countries to be visited by number of tourists from different background including English and French speaking countries, Italians, Germans, Russians, Chineses and the rest of the world, safety is given highly priority, and the increasing of flight routes have helped to to gain the muximum point,

When to visit the country

High season is July - September, December to February, the rest of the months are dominated by the showers and rainfall,


3 Days safari to Tarangire, Lake manyara and Ngoro ngoro

This package suits individuals and families, we can oranise for you the camping/ budget or lodge safari, it is much recommended for those who really want to combine with Zanzibar beach >>>read more

  4 Days to Serengeti, Lake manyara, Tarangire and Ngoro ngoro

The package is mostly known as 4 in 1, it is the only opportunity to discover the secret of wildlife inhabitants like "BIG 5", serengeti wildebeest immigration >>>read more

  5 Days Serengeti, lake manyara, Tarangire and Ngoro ngoro
After you enjoyed your day around the Olduvai Gorge we shall then take you ahead to the Lake manyara national park and ngoro ngoro crater, this safari tour will give you new experience, >>>read more
  6 Days Tanzania safari package to popular parks
this can be organised either on budget/ camping or lodge safari basis, we guarantee to see all big 5 and most famous wildlife animals, and the most interested thing is to visit the ngoro ngoro crater >>>read more
  7 Days Safari Serengeti and ngoro ngoro crater
The package is dedicated into two only major attractions in Tanzania, Serengeti is the beggest national park in East Africa while Ngoro ngoro is in the 7 wonders of the wolrd >>>read more
  8 Days Safari and Zanzibar beach holiday
e start by exporing the wildlife inhabitants, after the unique and amazing experience we shall then ahead to Zanzibar island for the beach relaxation, the island is much spoken due to its beautiful beaches and sun, >>>read more
11 Days Safati and Zanzibar beach extension
Amazing days on the safari jungles and after that you will have spectacle relaxation on the island of Zanzibar, this programe is reliable for all individual stratas eg honeymooners, families, and even incentive groups >>>read more


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